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At the moment there are 3 branches in SIM-IM SVN repository:

  • sim - QT3 version
    From this branch 0.9.4 version is planned to be released. See QT3(0.9.4) release
  • sim-qt4 - QT4 version (with QT3_SUPPORT at the moment)
    This branch is open as playground for testing patches etc. Then changes may be merged with sim-qt4-fullport branch
  • sim-qt4-fullport - Full QT4 port
    In this branch primary works alt-darkstar@. He's rewriting many parts of old sim-icq code to use as much benefits of QT4 as possible. See QT4(1.0) release
    It is strongly recommended to agree your commits in this branch with alt-darkstar@

See also: Roadmap