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Unbutu 8/04 problems


I have upgraded Ubuntu version from 7/04 to 8/04 after that all Icons of SIM 0/9/4/3 became invisible messages does not sended.

After trying to delete and install it again - there was no changes.

Please help to improve and repair this issue.

Best regards, Mike

Mike, first of all, try to use mailing lists ( ) to discuss such problems. It would be better for all.
Then I would advise to use Sim-IM 0.9.5 instead of which is outdated... There is no deb-packages of Sim-IM 0.9.5 for ubuntu, so you should build it yourself... Hope you will manage this... If not, please sign up our mailing list, i will try to explain as much as I can there...
Shaplov 12:26, 25 May 2008 (EEST)